The Xispek was founded in Germany in early 2015 and is mainly dedicated to the research and development of world's leading online inspection technology and equipment.The inspection system integrates the world's most advanced technology in imaging, automation and software in order to ensure a precise, multi-functional, and reliable execution of inspection tasks. Xispek products are widely used in production lines in the flelds of beverages, beer,food, medical and consumer goods.

Core Competitiveness
Rich technology and experience, with complete independent intellectual property rights, through automatic tracking control language TrackML, universal detection platform XispVision, detection chain data processing technology, optics and system design, providing openness, high performance, high stability, and cost-effective Our testing solutions and local services are organically integrated with high-speed automated production lines, featuring outstanding openness and obvious advantages.

Business philosophy
Product first, service first.

Service Object
Automated production lines in the fields of beverages, beer, liquor, food, pharmaceuticals and daily consumer goods.

Company Mission
Provide high-quality automatic detection solutions to make quality control easier and make high-quality no longer expensive.

Company Advantages And Vision
The company relies on a German technical team with rich R&D experience, adheres to a rigorous product development process, integrates local high-quality manufacturing capabilities, and uses international corporate management and operation concepts to jointly create high-level automatic inspection products.

Our Services
The company has a professional R&D team and technicians who continuously carry out product technology research and development, updates and upgrades to ensure that your production system is always in state, thereby improving efficiency and saving resources.
The company's products are open and flexible, allowing your original production line to integrate advanced detection technology to achieve an efficient production level, making your production line management and operation easier and more convenient.
To ensure the smooth progress of the production process, we will provide you with professional technical support, training and guidance at any time. In the process of using the product, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will arrange professionals to provide you with suggestions and assistance.

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