Integration, sharing and cooperation across meggitt 2020 global marketing platform working conference

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The theme of the 2nd session of "meigemitsu" was held from the 12th to the 12th of 2020. The purpose of this meeting is to promote business integration, play synergy and ensure resource sharing. Nearly 170 people attended the meeting, including heads of business units, subsidiaries, some equity holding companies and representative offices around the world. During the special period of the epidemic, some overseas representatives and research institutes who could not attend the meeting were connected to participate in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, chairman (CEO) Mr. Tong Yongsheng gave a wonderful opening speech. Tong Bo pointed out that the key trend of the current market is that new energy and energy storage technology will bring profound changes to the energy application mode of all industries; the development of Internet of things and artificial intelligence technology will bring great opportunities for digitalization, unmanned and intelligent software and hardware of infrastructure for most industries. Tong Bo stressed that meggitt is facing unprecedented development opportunities, and each business is in the process of its own development,We should strive for synergy, scale effect and sharing platform advantages。Tongbo mainly introduced the new business this year. With more and more products on the platform of meggitt, we expect each sub business to be bigger and stronger and become the single champion of the industry. All businesses are linked together and "you have me, I have you" to jointly build the powerful armored chariot of meggite group!
All business units, platform departments, research institutes and representative offices will make detailed reports on business introduction, key work and progress in the past year, future growth strategy and work plan, and support expected to be received, so as to promote the participants' understanding of the business of the group.
Tong Bo concluded that: the group company willContinue to build the company's platform advantages, continue to strengthen the platform construction。The company's product development and market development in various fields are operated by various business divisions as business units, and the operation team is responsible for the overall operation of the business division from end to end; the company determines the corresponding business objectives and constantly adjusts the business direction and key points according to the stages of different business units; at the same time, the company continuously strengthens the construction of resource platform and provides marketing resources to the business unit Support from source platform, R & D technology resource platform, inspection and test platform, supply chain platform, financial human resource platform, it, ERP and management platform, and integrate internal resources to form synergy. The operation mode of "business department + resource platform" is becoming more and more mature, and has gradually become one of the core driving forces of the company. This kind of business model is the soil for the continuous progress of existing business and the continuous growth of new business, and the source of supporting the goal of "the company becomes bigger horizontally and the business unit becomes stronger vertically". All business departments adhere to the internal extension development, continue to increase investment, broaden technical boundaries, enrich product categories, and constantly optimize iteration in subdivision areas to form comparative advantages.
Tong Bo points out the future development direction of meggitt: scale, technology, internationalization, staff professionalization and management process systematization. It is required that the management cadres must pursue the performance of the organizationConfidant, know person, know situation; authorize, let merit, take responsibility; studious, inclusive, honest;This paper puts forward a new direction for the construction of internal organizational culture:Learning, openness, criticism and progress。Encourage employees to do "three no":Wait, don't depend, don't!
This conference is not only the 2020 global marketing platform working conference, but also the integration of business, technology and culture of Maimi electric family. We uphold the company“Leading, cooperating, opening up and innovation”On the basis of expanding and strengthening the existing business, we should take technology as the main line and establish the upstream and downstream ecological chain,The horizontal extension is bigger, and the longitudinal deep ploughing is strongerBuild 10 billion rice!

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