PET Line

High quality standard, rapid after-sale service and reasonable system cost are three key concerns of Xispek product philosophy. It helps our customers to ensure their product quality level on the automation line and obtain a maximal return of investment.

On the PET production line, the quality of preforms and empty bottles are inspected online and rejected in the bottle blowing machine.
Scope of application: detection of various PET preforms and empty bottles;
Installation location: inside the bottle blowing machine;
Detection function: various defects and defects of embryo mouth, embryo body, embryo bottom, bottle mouth and bottle bottom. Click to view more
On the PET production line, after filling, the product level, bottle cap, and coding quality are inspected online and rejected.
Scope of application: testing of various PET production lines;
Installation location: after the filling machine;
Detection function: detection of liquid level, high and crooked caps of bottle caps, 360-degree broken ring, coding, etc. Click to view more
In the PET production line, it is installed inside the labeling machine, and the principle of machine vision can be used to realize the detection and positioning of the bottle body's mark, carving, text, trademark, etc., and the servo motor is used to realize the positioning and labeling of the labeling machine.
Scope of application: Cooperate with the labeling machine to position PET products that require labeling. Click to view more
In the process of labeling/labeling, product feature points and corresponding angles are tested, and unqualified products are eliminated online.
Scope of application:all kinds of PET bottle/glass bottle label detection;
Installation location:inside/back of sleeve labeling machine/labeling machine;
Detection function:No standard, high and low standard, horizontal offset standard, etc. Click to view more
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