Image Workstation XispVBox
Equipment Parameters

Image Workstation XispVBox

The XispVBox embedded intelligent vision system brings the wide applicability of XispVision® inspection software to the machine vision industry. In the manufacturing environment, XispVision®'s powerful parallel computing technology can expand multiple XispVBox operations at the same time, making it easy to integrate multiple The camera is connected to XispVBox for multi-channel intelligent detection. The multi-camera function can collect and analyze data from multiple points, which reduces integration costs and is cost-effective; the highest-quality hardware components are integrated in a sturdy chassis to ensure that the series of image workstations are robust and durable. It ensures the long-term availability of the product and provides a perfect solution with unparalleled performance for high-end vision applications.

Tracking Controller XispTBox

XispAutomation® tracking software, it can ensure the uniqueness of tracking product objects, real-time display of control results, no programming language, and what you see is what you get. It can be applied anywhere, from standard applications to demanding applications that meet the highest performance levels. It can even effectively handle cycles of 100 µs.

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