• Installation And Setup
    Professional installation and installation of Sispeike inspection systems and components ordered.
    Mechanical and electrical installation
    Fine-tune according to customer requirements
    On-site operator and administrator training
  • 24 / 7 Hotline And After Aales Support
    The Xispek service team can simplify your daily work: we provide professional and reliable services from A to Z worldwide.
    Provide 24/7 service hotline and remote support via phone and internet
    Equipped with well-trained Xispek service engineers
  • Support And Maintenance
    The Xispek service team will professionally participate in optimizing equipment.
    Optimize the entire life cycle of Xispek system components
    Increase productivity
    Improve performance–Xispek also provides technical training
  • Tel:+86-512-5286 6815
  • Manager Teng:13912634335
  • Manager Su:13912634161
  • Mailbox:info@xispek.com
  • Address: Building 6-1, zhiche City,
  • No.58,Yangguang Avenue,Changfu street, Changshu, Suzhou
  • German company
  • ADD:Am Kohlenbrink 4,58300 Wetter(Ruhr),Germany
  • TEL:+49(0)23359711 492
  • Shenzhen office
  • ADD:Langshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
  • TEL:18664318649