In the field of industrial inspection, many inspection companies provide corresponding hardware (industrial computer, camera, light source, lens, etc.) and software algorithms. However, in the face of communication, control and tracking of upstream and downstream product Inspection, corresponding automation enterprises need to provide corresponding control interfaces. It's time-consuming, labor-intensive and not necessarily stable.

At the same time, the company provides a complete set of solutions for OEM, hardware and control.

Industrial Visual Inspection Kit

Suzhou Xispek Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. can provide the overall solution of visual inspection according to the needs of customers,
It includes the feasibility investigation in the early stage of the project, the production and testing control in the middle stage of the project, and the installation and commissioning service in the later stage

Overall Supporting Products

Xispek, visual inspection - software and hardware provider

IPC (image processing station)

XispVision® Inspection platform

Smart Camera

·Built in XispVision® Inspection software, easy to use.

·Built in control system, can edit and control communication online.
·High performance, processing 120000 objects per second
·Intelligent chemical plant overall solution processor

·General interface
·Complete image algorithm
·Tracking control system

·Using 1.3 megapixel 90fps
·IP65 enclosure and M12 connector,
·Built in PWM light source control
·Open algorithm platform, rich third-party software support

Industrial camera

Industrial camera lens

LED light source

·The resolution ranges from 0.3mp to 50mp
·Global exposure high frame rate CMOS
·Strong ISP algorithm
·Support FPN, SPC correction
·Compatible with GigE vision protocol and genicam standard
·Meet CE, FCC, ROHS certification
·High quality image quality
·High definition fixed focus industrial lens specially developed for machine vision
·It supports a wide range of focusing range and is especially optimized for close range imaging
·Temperature compensation design, stable imaging performance at - 10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃
·From the cost-effective f2.0 to the f1.4 aperture of Datong
·Various shapes, sizes and reflection angles can be customized
·Various colors can be customized and brightness can be adjusted at any time
·The heat dissipation effect is better and the brightness is more stable
·Long service life, quick response, external trigger, as strobe lamp

OEM Solutions Quickly Build Testing Applications

Xispek, software and hardware framework, need professionals to build, strong combination, high cost performance

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