Capacitance Solutions

Project Background:

Capacitors, as the most basic electronic components in the industrial field, have a huge production volume. At present, the main manual methods for appearance inspection cannot meet the quality requirements of downstream manufacturers. Xispek adopts the principle of machine vision according to the inspection points listed by customers. Capacitors are tested in all directions to improve the quality of the products.


Examples of capacitor appearance inspection

Original Image

Image Processing

Image Information Evaluation

Analysis Of Test Items

Inspection Result

Building Block Appearance Inspection

Project Background:
In order to realize the automation of building block packaging, it is necessary to provide front-end automation solutions with the packaging processes of block packing, boxing and palletizing in the back section, including:

In order to realize the automation of building block packaging, it is necessary to provide front-end automation solutions in conjunction with the subsequent packaging, boxing and palletizing of building blocks, including:
1. Block loading
2. Transport of blocks
3. Overall visual inspection of building block products
4. Rejection of substandard products

During the production, the building blocks will appear unqualified such as shape defects, moth-eaten, hot words, etc., and they need to pass the
After line vision inspection, reject unqualified products. The final finished and qualified products are connected to the conveyor belt
Inside the building block packing machine in the latter section.

Inspection Point:


Saw Pattern


Abnormal Color Lines
Blue And Moldy
Black And Black
Live Festival
The Dead End



Knife Marks


R Angle Size

Definition Of Hot Words
Color Of Hot Words

Defect Inspection of Auto Parts

Project Background:

In the production process of automobile plastic parts, due to the complicated mechanism of the parts, there will be many defects in the plastic parts. The automobile enterprises need 100% qualified parts. The vision system of Xispek cooperates with the robot arm to perform the inspection of the parts. Multi-angle shooting for comprehensive inspection.

Visual Guidance of Manipulator

In order to make robots capable of more complex tasks, robots not only need better control systems, but also need to be more aware of changes in the environment. Robot vision has become the most important robot perception function due to its large amount of information and complete information. Xispek provides intelligent vision guidance solutions for robotic applications such as automated assembly, material handling, and other complex processing. XispVision®, the core software of the vision guidance solution, can not only realize 2D vision guidance, but is especially good at 3D vision guidance, making it the most advanced vision guidance product in the industry and covering a wider range of robotic applications.

Manipulator guidance

1、Unlike the cumbersome and complicated traditional robot programming method, no programming is required, and the operation can be quickly mastered;
2、A variety of advanced algorithms help the manipulator choose the best route to complete the grasping, avoiding problems such as self-collision or environmental collision;
3、It can support manipulators of many mainstream brands. Such as ABB, KUKA, FANUC YASKAWA

Robot Arm Welding Guide

Traditional welding work requires a lot of manual operations, which is time-consuming, laborious, costly, and error-prone. In order to reduce the manual operation in this assembly task, reduce costs and improve reliability, Xispek has developed a set of core software XispVision® vision-guided robot cells to automate the connector assembly process.
The welding guide system of Xispek adopts non-contact type, and uses industrial camera and laser to locate welding seam, which has the advantages of high speed and high precision. The welding seam coordinates are calculated in real time, and the robot is guided to adjust the position and posture of the welding gun in time, and the most appropriate trajectory is always followed. The original rigid welding robot realizes intelligent and flexible work.

The Xispek  welding guidance system adopts a non-contact type and uses industrial cameras and lasers to locate the weld seam, which has the advantages of high speed and high accuracy. Real-time calculation of welding seam coordinates, guiding the robot to adjust the position and posture of the welding torch in time, and always follow the most suitable trajectory, so that the originally rigid welding robot realizes the intelligent and flexible work.

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